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Clavicle fractures are cracks or breaks in the collarbone. The clavicle or collarbone is located between the ribcage (sternum) and the shoulder blade (scapula), connecting the arm to the body. Clavicle fractures are cracks or breaks in the collarbone. It is vital to understand your symptoms and seek medical treatment as soon as possible, as early diagnosis and treatment can reduce the complications of clavicle fractures. 

What Causes Clavicle Fractures?

The common causes of clavicle fractures are:

  • Direct blow to the shoulder, such as a heavy object falling onto the collarbone
  • Indirect injury, often caused by breaking falls with an outstretched arm
  • Sports injury

What are the symptoms?

Common symptoms of clavicle fractures include:

  • Shoulder or collarbone pain
  • Swelling, tenderness or bruising over the collarbone
  • Crunching sensation over the collarbone when moving the arm
  • Deformity or ‘bump’ at the fracture site
  • Decreased mobility or range of motion
  • Sagging of the shoulder downward and forward

How Are Clavicle Fractures Diagnosed?

Your doctor will physically examine your collarbone to check for tenderness, swelling or pain. They may also test your shoulder’s mobility and range of motion.

Additionally, imaging tests such as x-rays or CT scans may be required to determine the exact location of your fracture and the severity of your injury. 

Are clavicle fractures affecting your quality of life, and your ability to perform everyday activities such as working, playing sports and wearing your clothes?
Dr. Bryan will assess your symptoms in detail before recommending the right treatment plan for your condition.

How Are Clavicle Fractures Treated?

Common treatment methods include:

  • Ice compression
  • Immobilisation with an arm sling
  • Taking pain relievers such as aspirin or ibuprofen
  • Physical therapy or simple range-of-motion exercises once the fracture is starting to heal

Surgery is typically recommended if the fractured bones have significantly shifted out of place, or if the overlying skin is being tented by the displaced fracture.

Surgery for clavicle fractures involves repositioning the bone fragments into their normal alignment before holding them in place with special metal hardware such as plates, screws or pins. This procedure is also known as open reduction and internal fixation.

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